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That may be misspelled but it is a common misconception that the rapid growth of human invention and ingenuity in the late 18 century through to modern times was driven by altruism or the pursuit of wealth and fame. Another … Continue reading

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So you like to be spanked, scratch that you love to be spanked. This is the most erotic activity and a thorough warming of your bottom makes you so excited that you are ready for almost anything. Without going into … Continue reading

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I really don’t like my gray hair, when I get a haircut I usually get it cut very short. I really should be happy that I still have most of my hair, many of my peers have bald spots or … Continue reading

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It’s Very Touching

I think I can say without reservation that I love the idea of spanking women. The whole procedure I find so appealing that I find it tremendously arousing. I can start out with a fully clothed partner who has just … Continue reading

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Warm and Toasty

This is a feeling that I love, the warmth emanating from a well tanned bottom, the spanking does not have to be lengthy or extreme depending on the bottom, to achieve this lovely result. It truly is the gift that … Continue reading

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Three Degrees of Spanking

I know that there are many types in between, many labels and different descriptions. I had read this post by Barely Pink here and after consideration of her post, turned in. I was somewhat disturbed and perturbed, and as … Continue reading

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Rated “X”

Today anything that you find exciting can be found on the internet. Never mind Facebook or other internet fads, porn has been the main staple of the internet and despite what anyone may tell you adult content was responsible for … Continue reading

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Song Parody

I have seen a few of these over the years and thought that the art form had a lot of potential. I had this idea for a song based on an old movie which I posted a while back. it … Continue reading

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Man of Steel

Superman never made any money Saving the world from Solomon Grundy And sometimes I despair the world will never see another man like him My hero The man of steel – Superman, he may have regularly defeated his arch enemies … Continue reading

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Dressed to Spank

I should clarify. I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. I don’t need to buy distressed jeans, I get mine the old fashioned way, I just wear them out. However for a special occasion getting dressed is a … Continue reading

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