Please Spank Me!

In previous posts I have shared many memories of some pretty embarrassing stuff. It never has been easy for me to admit most of these experiences to anyone so I have kept it all to myself. I suppose there have always been ways to meet like minded people but if you spend most of the time hiding your feelings and desires it is pretty unlikely. Most of the time I just kept my head down and my mouth shut.

I might just get this message, then again I might not.

So now that I don’t really care so much what people think at least here in this mostly anonymous way I can admit my wants and be clear about exactly what I like.  I surely don’t have a clue how I would approach a potential partner. I have been married for some time now and since I always thought that was a terminal condition, so I did not think it would ever come up again.

Not to say that I ever had any real skills in that department, I could certainly use some guidance. “Hi there, do you get spanked here often?” I never had a good way to meet women; usually I just kind of tripped over them. “You have a lovely bottom mind if I slapped it pink for you?” There are some lucky ones that have met a good match, and of course some things are not meant to last. “Do you own a long handled wooden hairbrush? Could I borrow it?” Pretty pathetic I have to admit that. I still have to get over till death do you part, I am getting too old to wait around any longer.

Love To


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2 Responses to Please Spank Me!

  1. web-ed says:

    Hi CS,
    You don’t say in this post, and I can’t remember you explaining elsewhere, whether spanking is incorporated into your marriage. I don’t mean to seem nosy, and the only reason I bring it up is that I can’t tell from this post whether you’re thinking about approaching a potential spanking partner, although you do say “I could certainly use some guidance.” Is that the true subject of this post – how to meet a spanko partner?

  2. HI

    I spanked my girlfriend lightly incorporated into sex. She never complained at all until we were married and she suddenly had this aversion to it. I would say that the Easter Egg here is the way to find a potential spanking partner, preferably female, despite my marital status and age.
    I did read something very encouraging in the news recently. Over half of flight attendants are over 50. Its just possible that I could meet a stewardess who would know who The Moody Blues are.


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