Sunday Toons

I really can not explain why I find spanking so appealing. From my earliest memories of cartoons on television, there was no shortage of spanking scenes. Tom and Jerry, Loony Tunes, Popeye and even the highly literate George and Junior got around to spanking. The funniest thing was Jerry the mouse being the spanker and the sounds produced by the otherwise silent characters.

 Movies and TV shows of the time did not hesitate to include scenes for the spankophile. Memorable one smackers from the Duke to Henry Fonda or full scenes of teenage girls punished OTK. A couple of movies showed some spankings but the on that stuck in my mind so indelibly was “The Night of the Hunter”. Lilian Gish chasing Billy Chapin trying to get away from an outdoor bath, catching him and without delay bent him over and applied her palm to his butt. The sound effects were perfect and I looked around to see if anyone noticed how this short segment had affected me. It is a very old memory and when I watch the scene today it almost seems like it is not the movie I remember.

 Back to the cartoons, while using Google search I found some llustrations featuring a girl named Lita being spanked for various indiscretions. The drawings were unfamiliar to me and I liked his style. The artist is Dave Mire AKA Peskinhead you can find his work on Here are a few samples of his work from complete strips to single animated frames.




From Palm


To Strap








Lita machine ouch!

What can I say My Favorite.


Ah Relief


Do visit and sign up. It is free to join but I suggest that you donate to support this site as well.






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