Come Again?

It’s been a long strange trip, truly. I was thinking about how long I have found spanking sexciting (can you have a Freudian typo?). I remember when I recognized that girls were different and I wanted to experience that difference first hand, so to speak. I have been chasing them ever since although in the early years I had no idea what to do if I actually caught one.

Be Very Quiet I Am Hunting Women!

Early on I was aroused easily and by the smallest things. Just kissing and sharing breathe would be almost painful. I remember being busted by my best friend’s mother at his birthday party, his first co-ed one. I had initiated a small one on one in a dark corner, she thought this quite inappropriate. So no spin the bottle?

My folks were pretty generous, at the time my buddies had to sneak in and out of their houses; I had a bedroom, sitting room and a private entrance. I had a girl in my room and coaxed her mostly out of her clothes.  We did not have sex, no protection. It would have been a good idea for her to wear safety goggles, if she had just touched me I would have exploded, but she showed little interest in seeing mine.

So in those early years just where did spanking come in, only in my imagination. I was kind of precocious at least at trying to find out what to with girls, then I started High School. It was an engineering high school, no female students at all. Talk about a dry spell, the only women I was around a lot as a junior and senior were these lesbians in Greenwich Village. Spanking was still only an imaginary activity but one I found completely compelling and excited me as much as that first kiss.



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