Dave Wolfe and his Wolfie Toons

Hey I do realize the absurdity, spanking pictures, drawings and even that new fangled thing video clips are my second favorite thing. Can’t help it and don’t really want to change. I really like Dave Wolfe and his particular sense of humor. I borrowed a few of his older cartoons that I like. I feel that Dave may have inherited Tex Avery’s vision or could even be channeling him.






















Thanks Dave I really enjoy your work. You can find more terrific toons from Dave by visiting his blog Dave Wolfe who does Wolfie Toons.


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4 Responses to Dave Wolfe and his Wolfie Toons

  1. spankingart says:

    Hi there,

    I always love to see others sharing art works they discover. For your Comics Subject you might perhaps check out Dave Ell’s artworks. He granted me to share some of his art at my site, you can view it here: http://bdsmart.mistique-secrets.com/images/artists/daveell.htmlhttp://bdsmart.mistique-secrets.com/images/artists/daveell2.html and http://bdsmart.mistique-secrets.com/images/artists/daveell3.html

    There is a mailadress provided at the galleries in order to get in touch with Dave Ell, maybe he would like to see his art shared here as well.

    Keep up the good work at your blog!


  2. Dave Wolfe says:

    The past few months have been full of non-blog-checking activity in WolfieLand, so I apologize for this ridiculously late reply!

    Thank you for sharing these, CS, and I’m absolutely delighted that you enjoy the ‘toons! Tex Avery is one of my cartoonist heroes, that’s high praise indeed!!

    • Hi Dave

      Not to worry I am a world class procrastinator and tomorrow is always the best time to do anything. I am still getting slightly more traffic at crankyspanker.com, more than I thought I would achieve and I would like to share my good luck. If you can find the time I would like to feature your favorite toons with a little back story for each one. I think your fans would enjoy it and hopefully get a boost to your site.

      A fan


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