Kicking Ass

Hello dere

My parents were almost of the modern sensibility of refraining from corporal punishment. I do recall a memorable butt whipping that was provided by my old man. He grabbed what was handy which turned out to be the plastic tubing that he used in his tropical fish hobby. Boy did I scream while he applied the hose to my butt and thighs. I also remember that after the fact checking out the red stripes my dad had created, I felt very odd almost pleased with his handiwork. It didn’t have the desired effect after all, I was even more stubborn than before.
It was a technique of his when I was younger if I dawdled or didn’t pay sufficient attention to his instructions, he would have me walk by him and as I passed plant his work boot in the seat of my pants, not terribly hard but hard enough to make his point.

While an old classic western with Steve McQueen I came across an episode in the third season called “Detour”. Steve is hired by a frightened man (Howard Morris) to help him elope with the eldest daughter of a rancher who is against the wedding. The younger daughter has her own ideas leading up to her sweet talking Steve’s character Josh. Her sister walks up to her and kicks her in the ass. “It was worth it” she exclaims, while rubbing the target.

A more recent threat shows up in “Dear Dictator” when Katie Holmes cuts school to help the dictator, the last thing she shouts to her is “If you set foot out of this house I am going to kick you in the ass”. Katie replies “I love you too mom”.


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  1. Dave Wolfe says:

    There is a gag that showed up in some comedy shorts and was even stolen and used by Messrs. Hanna and Barbera in TV cartoons; Clown 1 for some reason guzzles nitro glycerin or some other highly potent explosive, and Clown 2 fearfully and at great physical and allegedly hilarious cost spends the rest of the short trying to keep C1 from being bumped or jarred and exploding. At the end, the revelation comes that C1 was never in any danger. C2 promptly kicks C1 in the caboose– and there is a massive explosion. Sometimes both clowns reemerge, blackened and smokey, sometimes they have been obliterated.
    It might be funnier to see than how I’ve described it. Or maybe not.

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