Illustrations, Artwork, Comics and Cartoons

This small sampling from my own archive I posted these gems five years ago!

I don’t know what it is about spanking scenarios drawn from the imagination of various artists, but sometimes I find them more satisfying than photographs or movies. The outrageous hentai of Kamitora which you can find all over the Internet (check out the cherry report for an interview), or the older works of Eric Stanton. When I first logged on to BBS years ago I was excited by crude rendering like these.



Crude yes but in those days you logged on through a service and paid for the privilege by the hour. I have to mention print magazines like Penthouse. Here is a couple of scenes that I don’t see very often that I like.


Oh, Wicked Wanda!

Internet fans will remember Endart who has retired but whose artwork is outstanding. Here are a couple of samples from my computer.

Illustrations, Artwork, Comics and Cartoons


There are so many Banjo, Whizzer Black, The Spirit, and others too numerous to list. One or two last ones, the first by JayEm I believe.

Illustrations, Artwork, Comics and Cartoons


So little time, so many great spanking illustrations.




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  1. Kourtney says:

    Amazing pictures; sometimes comics or novels photos perfectly describe the story. Great job!

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