So you like to be spanked, scratch that you love to be spanked. This is the most erotic activity and a thorough warming of your bottom makes you so excited that you are ready for almost anything. Without going into the psycho-babble we are all adults here and if makes you happy now why worry about it now. It really is amazing what we poor spankos will do to find out more about our most favorite thing. When you were younger did you look up spanking in every dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia that you came across just to see what this spanking thing was all about. I know I did and I don’t think I am so weird since I saw Bonnie’s site “My Bottom Smarts” I have read some of the most reassuring posts there and don’t feel like such an oddball because of them. She has been around a while and I like to think of her as a friend.


I would be really tempted by these ladies.

I would be really tempted by these ladies.

But as much as you like being spanked, it doesn’t matter what kind of spanking you like or how you like to spanked do you still feel nervous about getting that spanking that you want so much. Do your hands wander protectively over you backside and butterflies do the meringue in your belly. Is it hard not to whine and beg for the punishment to end but as soon as the sting has subsided somewhat you are ready for round two or three or more.

Most men just want sex and catering to the needs of a dedicated spanko takes time. I am saying that an hour or two on and off my lap would just be foreplay and it seems like we are all pressed for time and spending a leisurely morning, afternoon or evening catering to your needs is just beyond the average fellow.  I have to say here that spanking a pretty bottom would be the ultimate to me. I did all those things that spankophiles do and am still looking for that perfect bottom to smack. Firmly and thoroughly, alternating cheeks and slapping as hard as she wants to playful smacks just enough to warm the flesh and build some sting.

Is this how the other half lives. I like it!!

Is this how the other half lives. I like it!!

But back to the original proposition; “Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight?” Sorry wrong notes. Are you nervous when you are going to get a spanking? Do you try to wheedle your way out of it? Can you help your self or do you take your punishment quietly. On one my favorite bloggers Barely Pink you can find her here “The Pink Report” was kind enough to share one of her paddlings and as far as I can tell her favorite state is far past barely pink verging on crimson. Despite the fact the she avows to love being spanked her verbal cues would lead you to believe she was not enjoying it and she wanted it to be over. I just did not believe her.

Please spank me again, I have been such a bad girl.

Please spank me again, I have been such a bad girl.

I believe Shakespeare’s Hamlet “The Lady doth protest too much, methinks.” It covers the situation exactly despite being over a hundred years old. Well at least according to modern usage as it meant something else originally. Somewhere I thought that I had a drawing of a young lady being beckoned with a crooked finger to come here now holding her hands protectively over her backside and dragging her feet to go to her impending chastisement. Hurry up now or I will use the hairbrush, If I remember the story he spanked her with the hairbrush anyway. You just have to be firm with a naughty girl after all.

If you just behave I wouldn't have to do this, why do you think I misbehave dummy!

If you just behave I wouldn’t have to do this, why do you think I misbehave dummy!

Still looking for that willing bottom.


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