That Ship Has Sailed

Despite the affirmation that it is never too late, I have to go with the observation of our favorite colonial marine “Game Over, man Game Over” I finally pulled my head out of the sand or my ass depending on who you ask but I had remained hidden for too many years. In the intervening years social media has allowed more people to connect and despite the current attempt to conflate spanking with the harsh reality of domestic abuse more and more people are willing to admit spanking is a turn-on for them.

The result is that for many years I suppressed that side of my self, hiding away just like Hunter S. Thompson full of fear and loathing. Terribly ashamed and embarrassed, it did not help that I was mocked by the “normally sexed” for my strange idea of what is hot. So that side of me remained immature a lot like Peter I even had my very own Wendy, unfortunately she was Gay. I would hang out at her place and she would flit around in just her fairy wings (too much?), I can verify she was a natural blonde. It may not be the best idea to lech over a gay woman but you have to give the guy a break, it was a lot to absorb at nineteen. Wendy and her friends were aware of the problems I was having trying to be cool, or they may have assumed what I was hiding was being gay and wanted to help me to come out. So now even though I am in my sixties a part of me is still immature complete with poor social graces and attracted to women way too young for me chronologically.

Flash forward to Labor Day weekend. Over the weekend I desperately wanted to play and was encouraged by another party attendee. I watched a girl with purple hair give a guy a thorough spanking. He seemed to enjoy it. I watched another guy get spanked in one of the bedrooms and told him so, he didn’t mind the audience. I went to my room to get a pill and followed one of the girls to her room; she said she wanted to change into something more comfortable. I came back from my room and it may have seemed like I was waiting for her but I wasn’t, honest, not a stalker.

Anyway I wasn’t but not five minutes after getting back to the suite, she stripped and lay naked on one to the tables placed in the room. On Sunday when asked a friend of hers told us that she loved to be naked and it was no big deal for her.

On Saturday evening I witnessed lots of spankings, all kinds of spankings, paddlings, floggings either pantied bottoms or bare ass. No one asked me to leave and I wasn’t the only voyeur. It may have been pheromones or just me but being surrounded by my very favorite thing; I was left in such a heightened state despite not being touched or touching anyone that I was completely buzzed. I didn’t have a drop until the end of the night. Well I may have to settle to watching a group of young and attractive people play, but I really did enjoy the show.


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