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Kicking Ass

Hello dere My parents were almost of the modern sensibility of refraining from corporal punishment. I do recall a memorable butt whipping that was provided by my old man. He grabbed what was handy which turned out to be the … Continue reading

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I am fully retired from working for a living. I should have plenty of time for updating and posting here, but I have been so distracted that this doesn’t seem that important to me. I have not lost my primary … Continue reading

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I’m Back!

Well maybe, its all seriously impermanent do cha know. You can recover from most physical ailments butt when the mind goes, well thats it. Anyway on a lighter note: I have posted before on the practice of Figging. To bring … Continue reading

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Illustrations, Artwork, Comics and Cartoons

This small sampling from my own archive I posted these gems five years ago! I don’t know what it is about spanking scenarios drawn from the imagination of various artists, but sometimes I find them more satisfying than photographs or … Continue reading

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Endart – The End

I have enjoyed the work of Endart ever since I saw them printed in a magazine. I distinctly remember a couple of Pamalee series that just so happen to be Number one where she is hitch hiking, and number two … Continue reading

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That Ship Has Sailed

Despite the affirmation that it is never too late, I have to go with the observation of our favorite colonial marine “Game Over, man Game Over” I finally pulled my head out of the sand or my ass depending on … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Anime

I have been looking for more Anime to watch. I found the whole Neon Genesis Evangelion really interesting and compelling. Its very poor cousin / homage / rip well you get it “Pacific Rim”, hey the cast was amazing! Then … Continue reading

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