OK, this is not on topic but in the fourth season Mrs. Peel was captured and tied up frequently. I would not say that she was not a good agent but she was also undercover, right among the bad guys and at a much greater risk of getting captured or killed. In addition to being physically restrained she was brainwashed several times and once sold to a prince to be his next wife. And yes I thought it was funny!

Just to refresh your memories The Avengers was a quirky spy type program with lots of tongue in cheek and leather outfits for Mrs. Peel. The French name for the show was right on the mark “Bowler Hats and Leather Boots.” I  think I like it better than “The Avengers.”

From the very first episode Mrs. Peel is identified as a spy and bound with equestrian gear.

Mrs Peel LeatherMrs Peel Leather3In other adventures she was also locked in a basement and a reasonable facsimile of a POW camp cell.

undercoversmall trainsmall train1Note the perils of Pauline pose she is ties to a scale model train.

leather1CleapatraShe is wrapped in the last carpet like Cleopatra.

unrolledundercover1A different kind of disability, in the episode she is locked in the Basement.

coffinPretending to be dead.

pressingShe is about to be pressed, vintage Mrs. Peel.

dentistdentist1In a dentist chair then hand cuffed in an office.

handcuffedprisonerbirdieI can’t say what she is wearing but notice the strategically placed feathers.




Now that’s a birdcage.

collarseductionPrepare for action!

handcuffedtochairHandcuffed straddling a chair in leather pants, just gives me ideas.

wife49How many goats are you offering to trade.

This last is a promotional picture that I just have no idea what they were thinking. All of the above captures are from the fourth season of “The Avengers”



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  1. Dave Wolfe says:

    These re great, CS, thank you! I have a recommendation for all “Avengers” fans, a book by Dave Rogers that’s been in my library for a couple of decades now– “The Complete Avengers!” If the local library doesn’t have a copy or you want to own it, HERE’S THE LINK!

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