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Spill No More

First of all I must say I am going to miss Amelia Jessica “Amy” Williams (nee Pond). The kiss-o-gram girl in the teeny little skirt, or Amelia, the little girl left waiting and wife to Rory Pond, OK, Rory Williams. … Continue reading

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1001 Perversions of Felicia (Les Milles et une perversions de Felicia)

This movie was the first beamed into my house years ago that featured a spanking. The original movie was an X rated French film released about 1975 that was sanitized for broadcast standards. The version I saw had nudity but … Continue reading

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Three Degrees of Spanking

I know that there are many types in between, many labels and different descriptions. I had read this post by Barely Pink here and after consideration of her post, turned in. I was somewhat disturbed and perturbed, and as … Continue reading

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FetLife – The Social Media Site for the Kinky Set

I tried out FetLife about a year ago and the basic layout of the site left me in the dark, literally. More recently I have gone there and started using the nicely featured interface. I have to report that I … Continue reading

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Spanking Illustrations

Some time ago I posted drawings labeled spill. It was pointed out to me that the abbreviation was for spanking illustrations. Since the files are not orgab..nized in any particular way I have posted the same ones more than once, … Continue reading

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Invitation to a Spanking

Erica Scott author of Late Bloomer the book featured on my site has posted a number communications from potential playmates on her blog Erica Scott: Life, Love & Spanking. She probably gets tired of hearing this but I think that … Continue reading

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Change of Pace

It is really past time for some spanking stuff. I am actually gainfully employed this week but I thought I would pass this on. I can not take the credit, it arrived in my inbox, but I had to exploit … Continue reading

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