I am fully retired from working for a living. I should have plenty of time for updating and posting here, but I have been so distracted that this doesn’t seem that important to me. I have not lost my primary obsession, if anything because of fewer distractions it is stronger than ever, but if you do less there seems to be no incentive to do more.

As long as I can remember I felt my spanking fetish would diminish as I got older, basically I would outgrow a juvenile drive. Nope that is not the case, I probably will have fantasies for as long as I can think.

As I get older I find both my mind and body failing. I don’t know really what is worse bodily dysfunction or the loss of mental abilities. I just have to wait and see what develops.

I just wanted to affirm that I am still here in some capacity and hope to post new stuff.


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1 Response to Retired

  1. Dave Wolfe says:

    Glad to see your post, CS! I haven’t done much new stuff myself, lately, because, as you said, there are a lot of other distractions, but the interest remains high! Thanks very much for waving “hello!”

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