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Star Trek Trivia

This is a spanking cartoon from Nik Zula spanking art depicting a scene that should have appeared on Star Trek. If anyone cares to guess the episode please leave comment.CS

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Unusual Illustrations

I can’t say what these are all about. I just remember that I found many of them in my download folder one day. They seem to be by the same artist or created in an extremely stylized way. CS

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I was traveling through the desert in California north of LA. I have been traveling to California for the last couple of years to work. Now the landscape there is pretty consistent. Mountains, desert vistas, farmer’s markets and small communities … Continue reading

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More Kami Tora

Kami Tora’s artwork is so spectacular it deserves a second posting. I have to say that his ideas and execution especially his tendency to exaggerate size and substances.  CS

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Act Your Age!

I have heard that said a lot, and have to ask why? Sometimes I still feel like a kid, although it is easier with the lights off and after a glass or two of wine. Despite that old guy who … Continue reading

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Cute Cartoons

Some imaginative artists have borrowed popular cartoon characters and placed them in compromising situations. One last political cartoon in my opinion I think Jane should be doing the spanking. CS

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