Warm and Toasty

This is a feeling that I love, the warmth emanating from a well tanned bottom, the spanking does not have to be lengthy or extreme depending on the bottom, to achieve this lovely result. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Nice and Toasty

I was admiring a photo posted on Erica Scott’s blog on October 10 about her being back in her happy place. The photo I am talking about is the last one in this post. This is not a picture of an unhappy person; I can almost hear her purring and judging by her expression she is calm, relaxed and all is right with the world. Personally I am a tad envious but I think my next experience is only a short while away.

I can always depend on Kami Tora for a spanking illustration.

Back to that hand made gift, the well spanked ass. I have been too heavily influenced by Tex Avery or more recently Dave Wolfe and his “Wolfie Toons” but I have this image in my mind, warming my hands over a nicely pink pair of buttocks. I can almost see the bottom in question exposed by unbuttoning the flap in a pair of Dr. Dentons, maybe even toasting a marshmallow or two. Completely unrealistic and silly but maybe Dave will draw it for me.

Spank the one you love or even like a lot, things may get a little heated or totally hot. Its the end results that are most important.

Some things are worth noting, Tom Hanks said Fuck on morning television. I couldn’t be more pleased. He was embarrassed and personally I think that is sufficient punishment for this particular offense. If the damned FCC attempts to fine the station for obscenity it only shows that particular agency is out of touch with real community standards.


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