It’s Very Touching

I think I can say without reservation that I love the idea of spanking women. The whole procedure I find so appealing that I find it tremendously arousing. I can start out with a fully clothed partner who has just assumed the position lying prone across my lap all the way to the glowing end results. I can use both hands to better apply my palm to the raised backside. I could use my less useful and weaker left hand to hold a wrist behind her back, or placed in the small of the back, or even the nape of the neck. Not too forcefully I wouldn’t want to detract from the heat growing in her behind.

My idea of a perfect spanking would not to be too rushed, taking all the time we need to do it properly. For example after smacking the seat of a well filled skirt, raising it to get to her panty covered bottom. For some this may be all that is wanted but a pair of skimpy panties do not offer much in the way of protection anyway. My ideal goal is the bare bottom cupping, stroking and yes slapping it to get the whole area warm and pink.

I think that even I could get this message.

I believe that I am an extremely tactile person. I would enjoy rubbing warm scented oil all over your body from your earlobes all the way to your toes. I think that James Bond echoed this when he took the place of Kim Basinger’s masseuse in Never Say Never Again. He is standing at the head of the massage table and rubs both hands down her torso. “That feels wonderful” she says and Mr. Bond echoes that sentiment with “It certainly does”. I don’t think that a masseuse is supposed to say anything like this.

But a thorough massage takes time, more time than we have free these days. Whether it is a traditional warm oil rubdown or the English variety, if you are going to do something it’s important to do it well.

What do I get out of this I really can’t say but I do find it very satisfying to get various moans and groans from someone stretched out on my massage table, or across my knee. If I do get it right you might want to touch me in return, I like to be touched too!


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