Man of Steel

Superman never made any money

Saving the world from Solomon Grundy

And sometimes I despair the world will

never see another man like him

My hero The man of steel – Superman, he may have regularly defeated his arch enemies and super villains to save the world, but he was really a sucker when it came to Lois Lane. Maybe sucker is too strong a word, but Kryptonite had nothing on Lois Lane. As you may have guessed I wanted to be Superman, not the glasses wearing, mild mannered geek, but that’s life. However there was one time….

Miss Lane’s reformation did not last but for one time she was not a pain in the a.. well you know.

I think I was the proud owner of the comic excerpted above, my comic collection was very important to me, that is until other considerations took precedence. Every once in a while I will pick up a graphic novel or watch a movie based on a comic book and fondly remember my favorite super hero.


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4 Responses to Man of Steel

  1. Veronica says:

    Gotta love Superman!!!

  2. Veronica
    Been a big fan for many years.

  3. web-ed says:

    This was the only time we ever saw Lois spanked in the comics, despite the fact that readers kept requesting that Superman take her over his knee! I’m not even sure this should count, because it’s really just his robot. But it’s likely that a true Superman/Lois spanking would have been nixed either by Superman editor Mort Weisinger or by the Comics Code Authority, which severely cracked down on spankings at the time this comic appeared (1960).

    Interestingly, the Superman newspaper comic strip was far less spanking-averse, with 6 known M/F scenes, including 4 in which the Man of Steel himself administers the punishment.

  4. Hi
    I always thought that having the robot spanking Lois WAS an out to get around the CCA but I liked to think that since the behavior required that Superman control the robot directly it was more like an extension of his own strong right arm. But thats probably just wishful thinking, after all how many pivotal moments in comics turned out to be dreams a useful tool but if the comics name is The Adventures of Superman can we really expect that the man of steel dies? Thanks for the expert update, fully informed as always.


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