As I got older I kept getting thicker and heavier. At the largest I was over 225 pounds. I stopped weighing myself at that point. Due to an intense attack of colitis I lost lots of weight. I used this starting point to change everything that I regularly eat. I went to a keto diet. Following that type of eating plan I continued to get thinner, today I weigh 160 lbs and my waist went from a 44″ to 30″. my jeans were all getting crappy anyway.

So far so good. One big problem that I found was that most of my ass had vanished. I had a big fat ass that was perfect for all sorts of spank spank. Now not so much. Bent over too much and there is no padding to paddle. Maybe I should have said little problem. Nothing and I do mean nothing is perfect.


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Kicking Ass

Hello dere

My parents were almost of the modern sensibility of refraining from corporal punishment. I do recall a memorable butt whipping that was provided by my old man. He grabbed what was handy which turned out to be the plastic tubing that he used in his tropical fish hobby. Boy did I scream while he applied the hose to my butt and thighs. I also remember that after the fact checking out the red stripes my dad had created, I felt very odd almost pleased with his handiwork. It didn’t have the desired effect after all, I was even more stubborn than before.
It was a technique of his when I was younger if I dawdled or didn’t pay sufficient attention to his instructions, he would have me walk by him and as I passed plant his work boot in the seat of my pants, not terribly hard but hard enough to make his point.

While an old classic western with Steve McQueen I came across an episode in the third season called “Detour”. Steve is hired by a frightened man (Howard Morris) to help him elope with the eldest daughter of a rancher who is against the wedding. The younger daughter has her own ideas leading up to her sweet talking Steve’s character Josh. Her sister walks up to her and kicks her in the ass. “It was worth it” she exclaims, while rubbing the target.

A more recent threat shows up in “Dear Dictator” when Katie Holmes cuts school to help the dictator, the last thing she shouts to her is “If you set foot out of this house I am going to kick you in the ass”. Katie replies “I love you too mom”.


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I am fully retired from working for a living. I should have plenty of time for updating and posting here, but I have been so distracted that this doesn’t seem that important to me. I have not lost my primary obsession, if anything because of fewer distractions it is stronger than ever, but if you do less there seems to be no incentive to do more.

As long as I can remember I felt my spanking fetish would diminish as I got older, basically I would outgrow a juvenile drive. Nope that is not the case, I probably will have fantasies for as long as I can think.

As I get older I find both my mind and body failing. I don’t know really what is worse bodily dysfunction or the loss of mental abilities. I just have to wait and see what develops.

I just wanted to affirm that I am still here in some capacity and hope to post new stuff.


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I’m Back!

Well maybe, its all seriously impermanent do cha know. You can recover from most physical ailments butt when the mind goes, well thats it.

Anyway on a lighter note:

I have posted before on the practice of Figging. To bring everyone up to speed, it is the practice of inserting and appropriately shaved and shaped piece of ginger into your favorite sub’s anus to make said sub squirm due to the intense but harmless burning sensations produced. According to one Domme on the web this also creates a more receptive and looser butt to penetrate.

I have always been hesitant to experience this personally, being somewhat of a chicken, but recently I was curious enough to overcome my reluctance and peeled some ginger so I could relate what it feels like.

Oops, I must be really an odd duck. I can’t say I felt like I was on fire and I did try to clench to increase the sensation. I think I like it, a lot. The more relaxed anal sphincter was also an interesting side effect. Maybe some individuals are more sensitive to the gingers oils and it makes them feel a more intense burning, but ginger also has some pain relieving properties that accounts for the more relaxed butt.

So If you are curious I heartily recommend ginger root for anal sex play, you might just be pleasantly surprised.

But watch out for horseradish, hoo boy!

Cranky Spanker

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Illustrations, Artwork, Comics and Cartoons

This small sampling from my own archive I posted these gems five years ago!

I don’t know what it is about spanking scenarios drawn from the imagination of various artists, but sometimes I find them more satisfying than photographs or movies. The outrageous hentai of Kamitora which you can find all over the Internet (check out the cherry report for an interview), or the older works of Eric Stanton. When I first logged on to BBS years ago I was excited by crude rendering like these.



Crude yes but in those days you logged on through a service and paid for the privilege by the hour. I have to mention print magazines like Penthouse. Here is a couple of scenes that I don’t see very often that I like.


Oh, Wicked Wanda!

Internet fans will remember Endart who has retired but whose artwork is outstanding. Here are a couple of samples from my computer.

Illustrations, Artwork, Comics and Cartoons


There are so many Banjo, Whizzer Black, The Spirit, and others too numerous to list. One or two last ones, the first by JayEm I believe.

Illustrations, Artwork, Comics and Cartoons


So little time, so many great spanking illustrations.




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Endart – The End

I have enjoyed the work of Endart ever since I saw them printed in a magazine. I distinctly remember a couple of Pamalee series that just so happen to be Number one where she is hitch hiking, and number two at a Firehouse, superior to Bridget Jones.

I do not know and have not been able to independently verify that Endart has passed away but I feel it is overdue to post a Pamalee Adventure.













I always thought Lucy Lawless aka Xena : Warrior Princess would have looked very good with a bright red butt, and its always nice to see Pamalee dish it out.


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That Ship Has Sailed

Despite the affirmation that it is never too late, I have to go with the observation of our favorite colonial marine “Game Over, man Game Over” I finally pulled my head out of the sand or my ass depending on who you ask but I had remained hidden for too many years. In the intervening years social media has allowed more people to connect and despite the current attempt to conflate spanking with the harsh reality of domestic abuse more and more people are willing to admit spanking is a turn-on for them.

The result is that for many years I suppressed that side of my self, hiding away just like Hunter S. Thompson full of fear and loathing. Terribly ashamed and embarrassed, it did not help that I was mocked by the “normally sexed” for my strange idea of what is hot. So that side of me remained immature a lot like Peter I even had my very own Wendy, unfortunately she was Gay. I would hang out at her place and she would flit around in just her fairy wings (too much?), I can verify she was a natural blonde. It may not be the best idea to lech over a gay woman but you have to give the guy a break, it was a lot to absorb at nineteen. Wendy and her friends were aware of the problems I was having trying to be cool, or they may have assumed what I was hiding was being gay and wanted to help me to come out. So now even though I am in my sixties a part of me is still immature complete with poor social graces and attracted to women way too young for me chronologically.

Flash forward to Labor Day weekend. Over the weekend I desperately wanted to play and was encouraged by another party attendee. I watched a girl with purple hair give a guy a thorough spanking. He seemed to enjoy it. I watched another guy get spanked in one of the bedrooms and told him so, he didn’t mind the audience. I went to my room to get a pill and followed one of the girls to her room; she said she wanted to change into something more comfortable. I came back from my room and it may have seemed like I was waiting for her but I wasn’t, honest, not a stalker.

Anyway I wasn’t but not five minutes after getting back to the suite, she stripped and lay naked on one to the tables placed in the room. On Sunday when asked a friend of hers told us that she loved to be naked and it was no big deal for her.

On Saturday evening I witnessed lots of spankings, all kinds of spankings, paddlings, floggings either pantied bottoms or bare ass. No one asked me to leave and I wasn’t the only voyeur. It may have been pheromones or just me but being surrounded by my very favorite thing; I was left in such a heightened state despite not being touched or touching anyone that I was completely buzzed. I didn’t have a drop until the end of the night. Well I may have to settle to watching a group of young and attractive people play, but I really did enjoy the show.


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Sunday Morning Anime

I have been looking for more Anime to watch. I found the whole Neon Genesis Evangelion really interesting and compelling. Its very poor cousin / homage / rip well you get it “Pacific Rim”, hey the cast was amazing! Then completely disappointed by the “parody” “Atlantic Rim”

So now lets look at the first season of “Ikki Tousen” seriously just about as complete a show dedicated to fan service as any I have seen. Hakufu Sonsaku the main busty heroine school uniform consists of such a short skirt that her underwear almost needs its own name like pretty white panty. There is a whole lot of emphasis on crotch shots and her butt encased in tight skimpy panties that make them a star. here is one shot that is shown between breaks.


She also wears tight gym shorts and performs kicks and other moves in them. In the very first episode our Heroine seems to spend a lot of time complaining about her mothers intense methods of punishment and how frequently she is punished. There are a couple of nice spankings shown in the first season, both earning by being bratty with her mom, “act your age you old fart” is what got her spanked.


It is a nice little spanking while she yelps and promises to not call her mom that again. There are the gym shorts banded around her thighs. Despite all her protestations seemingly only a few moments later she yells in her mothers face while she is beating a carpet. “Why do I need a babysitter, and then whats that for I haven’t done anything yet!”




Hakufu slaps her own ass to tease Koukin


Second spanking Hakufu once again criticizes mom calling her an old mountain demon. A much shorter scene that ends with Hakufu cooling off with her frenemy and then with Koukin freaking him out with her nudity.




Well thats enough of that. Officially Sunday time to lay down.




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Despite that assertion and the way I feel today it hasn’t been very easy for me at all. My being a Spanko for as long as I can remember; most of my life it was something that generated an intense feeling of shame and something that I should keep secret because it was so abnormal. I have been painfully shy and introverted, even today talking about it out loud could result in loss of emotional control. It is strange to believe but I was seriously self conscious and with virtually no self-esteem. Incredibly though while being that insecure I still felt that I was the most intelligent fellow in the room.

My deviancy started early well before sexuality or even nocturnal emissions. I remember attempting to spank my self, usually unsuccessfully although I somehow managed to get a really sore butt with a plumber’s helper or plunger. I whacked myself using the full length of the splintery wooden handle of the thing and fondly recall winding up with a behind that was definitely uncomfortable to sit on. My experiments with a steam iron were not so good; I had a strange scar on the inside of one cheek for the longest time. I think I was inspired by that sitting on a hot stove gag, you really can’t believe everything that you hear.

Then there were girls, the most infuriating and fickle, irritating, painful, amazing, desirable, loveable and wonderful things in this world. Holding one of the female persuasions in my arms and being held, just kissing and cuddling for as long as I could get them alone and in my arms was unbelievable, at least to me. As great as all that was my hands invariably wandered down to cup and rub jean clad bottoms, then pantied and if I was bold enough lovely chubby bare butt cheeks. I never attempted a pinch or a slap but did once make the final mistake of leaving a hickey on a lovely bare bottom, forgot about taking showers in school.

I was still unspanked and doing no spanking even after I moved to the West coast. After I had reasonable success working in the mil sped optics field, I devoted so much of my life to that career there was little to no time left for social pursuits. There were long dry spells interrupted by interesting interludes. I fondly remember this cute Hispanic girl, brown as a nut and one of the few women in my life who had zero inhibition about sucking and licking me. We were doing a sixty-nine competing to see who could get the other off first and I thought I would cheat. One mild slap on that beautiful brown ass and that was that. No excuses, or explanations or second chances she was done with me.

Well that was my life, over and over. Any time I let my perversion peak out I was gone. It only underlined my feeling of being a total freak. Spanking was and is the most exciting thing there is hands down, and up, and down. I refused to admit it even to a therapist.

Then I read this book. It is the story of Erica Scott her life and how she managed to work her inner Spanko into a full life. The book is called “Late Bloomer” and after reading it I felt so much better about my self. I started this blog and actually went to a Shadow Lane Spanking Party. Things take time to change though and the first year I went I still spent a lot of time hiding in my suite; but when I got out of my shell I did manage to enjoy my self. This last party was even better.

image001The book should still be available form Amazon but if it is too late you can still read Erica’s Blog. See Link at right.


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Sunday Evening

Another word on Judicial Punishments. There was no attempt at trial just an announcement of punishment. The first implement used was a large leather strap, consisting of two layers and approximately four inches wide and an impressive 30 inches long. The Master of Punishments would announce the sentence then the recipient clad in the traditional orange colored tee shirt with PRISONER printed across the back in large black block letters would come forward and be cuffed to a large Saint Andrew’s Cross made from two pieces of finished hardwood.

A few of the spankings really made an impression and are pretty clear in my memory. One young lady was a petite brunette and could only stand on her toes when cuffed. The results were much like high heels and her bottom stuck out rounded and inviting the paddle that was applied the prescribed number of strokes to her bare behind. One prisoner was caned and though the weals did not come up immediately, after a while the lines across her butt were pronounced and must have had an intense sting. She needed the aftercare provided by the medic.

Caning is not one of my preferred spanking methods, it just seems too easy to overdo and be extreme unless you have experience in properly using a cane. The large strap and paddle that were used could be applied in moderate to severe strokes.The severe stroke of the belt ringing out loudly against varied shaped bottoms, shortly followed by the yelps of the prisoner. The Master also encouraged the punished to not hold back, after all there is a mental element and if the woman before you is yelling out in pain, it must make the on deck person just that more apprehensive and wondering what she had gotten herself into. The evening before I had overheard the Master talking about placing a “screamer” first just for that reason.

I would have loved to have a recording of the entire event but since I did not ask permission I did not want to asked to leave for doing so. So I counted sixteen prisoners coming forward to accept their spankings all but one wearing that orange prisoner shirt and one nearly nude. The audience watched while the loud slaps of the paddle or strap filled the air. My heart was right up in my throat and I would bet my blood pressure was off the charts.

Well I am completely exhausted. It has been an amazing weekend. I had to have a drink to counter the adrenaline and endorphin coursing through my body. Of course all things both good and bad must end . Today I participated in a trivia game, I thought I was really good at trivia but somehow most of these questions were above me. The good news for every wrong answer I got 5 swats from a paddle princess. How often does one get the chance to be paddled by royalty. Oh the pain, after 5 wrong answers a participant was eliminated. Two rounds of questions and I was definitely warmed up.

A fellow was there doing card tricks and other slight of hand. His benefit was spanking a couple of audience members, well there goes using your powers for good. I can not blame him though both were very spank-able and after I went around to the front, not that my view wasn’t very nice, I recognized a young woman I met the night before.

Saturday evening I got to meet Ten and Stevie, both who you can see on Shadow Lanes site getting spanked. I was completely unaware that Ten was also an able spanker only having seen her on the receiving end in her videos. I had the pleasure of watching her spank a few subs and while she was spanking one young lovely another of the other guests came by and Ten displayed her skill and displeasure generated by his comments by spanking away and flipping off the gentleman with right and then left hand. Could be one of the reasons she gets spanked so often.

Watching the proceedings one of my misconceptions was corrected. I had seen the palms of tops displaying red color and thought that makeup was the cause. Totally incorrect, while the subject being spanked has her bare butt turning pink and then red, so was the palm of the top doing the spanking. Brings a whole other argument to this will hurt me more than it does you. That certainly adds another better meaning to the phrase getting caught red handed.



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