Dressed to Spank

I should clarify. I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. I don’t need to buy distressed jeans, I get mine the old fashioned way, I just wear them out. However for a special occasion getting dressed is a nice change of pace. It could be a date, going to the theater, a function or party. Putting on a nice suit is like donning a costume, out of character but still a nice change.

Nice Suit.

So you can get all dressed up for many reasons, one idea of mine is to dress for that special spanking. I would be looking sharp for a change, maybe after an evening out. I would not even have time to undress but have to take care of business immediately.

Nice Outfit.

My special spankee would have time. Spanking is after all a clothing optional activity, but I do appreciate nice lingerie. At the end all clothing would be unnecessary but still wearing those nice clothes would add to the experience for me. Perhaps the texture of my dress slacks could heighten her senses. Scantily clad and awaiting my pleasure stretched across my lap, what could go wrong. That’s where dry cleaning comes in.

Dressed to Kill


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