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Well I am finally getting back to abby normal and want to complete my account of the most recent Shadow Lane party. An excellent account can be found on Erica Scott’s blog if you want more examples of the activities … Continue reading

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It is another Saturday evening and I am just going over some spanking toons to share. I hope you like them. CS  

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More Odds and Ends

There is this home in a local small town that started out as a single story track like home on a few acres. It’s not an unusual house but after the property was completed and to avoid too many questions … Continue reading

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Milo Manara

I have admired these drawings and they were labeled Milo in my download folder from the late 1990s. I liked the coloring and the clean lines of the drawings. He also did more complex drawing with fantasy themes.   From … Continue reading

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It’s Very Touching

I think I can say without reservation that I love the idea of spanking women. The whole procedure I find so appealing that I find it tremendously arousing. I can start out with a fully clothed partner who has just … Continue reading

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Lynn Paula Russell

Lynn Paula Russell is a talented eclectic artist. She has been an actress and a dancer, has executed large composite images of various West End plays and musicals, smaller composites of important television plays and scenes for American television, and … Continue reading

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Sunday Before Halloween!

It seems to me that Halloween is an important annual event and is second only to Christmas in the number of people who celebrate it or at least participate in some small way, like handing out candy to trick-or-treaters or … Continue reading

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