Spanking refers to the act of striking the buttocks of another person to cause temporary pain without producing physical injury. I would like to emphasize that no permanent harm is done by spanking or it is not just spanking. The verb to spank has been known in English since 1727 and is possibly onomatopoeic in nature. Not all languages have a word for spanking, but it is quite amazing just how common the word and practice are.

I am quite provincial, there is only one stamp in my expired passport, and I only visited the United Kingdom. I am familiar with the phrase “The English Vice” and it seems to me that CP has been thoroughly refined and practiced there in all of its forms from smacking, slippering, paddling to the cane, but since the words exist in so many languages it is not exclusive to England, or even Europe but a global phenomenon.

I am still quite amazed at the number of international visitors my little blog gets. When I was reading about the various phrases used in other languages I was attracted to some as very stimulating. I don’t think I could possibly pronounce these correctly but in my imagination some have a definite edge over spank.

I was born here in Manhattan but both of my parents were Italian immigrants. La sculacciata (the spanking) and chiappata (swat on the rear) are words that I like. I can imagine then rolling off my tongue because Italian is such a pretty language. I am probably biased but French is also a lovely language and supposed to be the language of love but fessée (spanking) seems totally inadequate, I would imagine that the French spend more time making love than talking about it.

Of course Latin is the basis for all the romance languages. Vapulabis (spanking) indicates the practice is far older than a couple of hundred years. In German there are a great many ways to say spanking or beating. Schläge (spanking/beating) does seem to be a very strong word but they also have the phrase den Hosenboden strammziehen  (to spank – literally to pull the seat of the pants tight) is amazing, strong, descriptive and strict. There is also that unusual bar game spanking at the hofbrau when you order shots and get an extra one.

The Japanese have many colorful expressions and of course the standard hirateutsutame (平手で打つため) – (v) to spank) although this phrase (o)shiri tataki (尻叩き, お尻タタキ] – (exp) buttocks beating is exceptionally vivid. I am not sure how these are pronounced but I can imagine the usage. I can really appreciate the Japanese fascination with schoolgirls especially naughty ones.

Just a couple of other examples the Scots word Skelpin (spanking). I was sure that was sex between a ghost and a live person, well it was only a movie after all. How about the frisky Swedes, there are a few choice words here from smisk (spanking earlier meant smacking, to risbastu (birching) and Smörj (Spanking earlier this was used for spanking with an implement).

Overall it seems that this is a truly international activity understood and appreciated the world over. I was unable to find an Inuit word but bare bottomed spanking may not be such a good idea when frostbite is a possibility.

All of these words are from The Spanking Art Wiki and you can see them for yourself here My favorite new word in English is spankalicious.


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5 Responses to International

  1. Spanky says:

    A very good and imaginative post. It was fun seeing all the different words and phrases for one of our favorite activities.

  2. Spankart says:

    Enjoyed your post! The new URL of the Spanking Art wiki is (and our page“Spanking”_in_other_languages).

  3. Hi

    I really think you have an awesome site, all the information I have found fun and useful.


  4. Linda says:

    Hi! 🙂

    You have great blog 🙂 And this’s a brilliant observation 🙂

    What’s your opinion about a spankings, when the spanker and the spankee are from different countries? 🙂

    Linda 🙂

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