I really don’t like my gray hair, when I get a haircut I usually get it cut very short. I really should be happy that I still have most of my hair, many of my peers have bald spots or widow’s peaks and as far as I can tell I still have full coverage.

It’s not just the hair though despite feeling like I am still young, my wife would probably classify me as post adolescent, and my outward appearance clearly marks me as qualifying for the senior discount. With the current financial situation getting a discount for anything certainly helps to stretch my money and gets me more for less although I think my wife was more upset than I was by qualifying for the senior discount herself.

Lately I have noticed that the more polite young whippersnappers will hold the door open for me despite the fact that I don’t use a cane or walker or allow me to go first through the door at the bank, post or supermarket. It still makes me feel like one of the two curmudgeons from the Muppet show, if you don’t remember they were Statler and Waldorf two disagreeable old men who heckled the rest of the cast from their balcony seats.


The last time I was pulled over for speeding the State Trooper let me off with a warning despite the fact that if he had wanted to he could have written a speeding ticket and another citation for the 15 MPH over the speed limit reckless driving regulation here in Arizona. My brother just recently commented that he has been given warnings more frequently as he has gotten older.


Sorry I am trying to get to a point here but I can not help but wonder since I am attracted to younger women, I am talking about women here not girls, is it possible that the right young lady would be willing to be punished for her naughty behavior by an older step dad or even a spanking grandpa. I have not tried to play the dignified older man card but I have been thinking lately that for some there could be a certain amount of appeal to “come here young lady and prepare for a good spanking” from yours truly.

summer skirt

I have this persistent picture in my head of a woman in a light summer outfit. You have been very naughty come here. I think a good spanking will cure you of whatever naughty thing I am accusing her of, the deed is not all that important. Lift your skirt and bend over my knee, I will show you what bad girls get when they misbehave. I really don’t have much to lose at this point in my life, I could get my face slapped, or even get laughed at but maybe just maybe respecting your elders could help me out here. Worst case scenario I could just pretend I was joking or flirting and move on. The potential for two adults getting what they need here is far too great to resist. I will have to try this and let you know the results. By the way any naughty girls reading this are welcome to ask for correction, I will be more than happy to oblige. ID’s will be checked at the door.


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5 Responses to Benifits

  1. wordsmith says:

    I was sorry to read about your trials over the last few weeks, but it’s good to see you are looking forward! I will donate you someone who commented on one of my last posts, and seemed to be looking for the kind of attention you have in mind 😀

    More seriously, it looks like I’m a goner…Wordpress have taken down my site, without specific explanation so far, apart from saying it contravened their terms of service. Doesn’t seem any way to suck back the whole posts either, just the text. Heck.


    • web-ed says:

      I wasn’t familiar with your blog, but you have my sympathy. I had thought WordPress was rather more broad-minded than Google, but your experience does highlight the great danger of blogging: the host has the legal right to yank your stuff down at any time, for any reason. Since I’ve always run my own site rather than blogging, I don’t know what tools WP provided you with regarding backups. It sounds like you might have backups of your posts but not the accompanying attachments; this could be because the software encoded the attachments and placed them in a separate file, which would make sense – I assume the posts were contained in a data base, and we don’t generally store binary data (like pictures) in a data base.

  2. wordsmith says:

    Now how do you spell benefit? Heh heh 🙂

  3. web-ed says:

    I think there is no question that some women are more comfortable being spanked by an older man. It’s natural enough – remember that most women have at least some trouble submitting to a spanking. It has to seem like it’s o.k for them to submit – women need to feel a justification, which is one reason they often need at least an inflection of discipline. They feel it’s o.k. for them to get what they want (a spanking) as long as they truly earned it somehow. This is something men need to understand, because it’s not how we are at all – we don’t need any justification for our dominant desires. To women, an older man may be seen as a figure of power, like Daddy used to be of course, and therefore someone it’s o.k. for them to submit to.

    Conversely, women are often uncomfortable at the idea of being spanked by a younger man. This isn’t much of a problem for me these days, as having reached middle-age myself I don’t often spank older women (it did happen once last year, though). When I was a young man, some older women (5 – 10 years) were a little uncomfortable at first, but as they got to know me better they came to accept my dominance over them.

    • Hi

      Unfortunately I left middle age behind some time ago, of course with advances in medicine I could live to 120. Well maybe not I just have to admit that I am a senior and make the best of it. But it is always nice to hear from you and thank you for your supporting comments.


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