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Year One

It has been a most interesting year; amazingly enough I have been blogging here for one year. It is time to focus on the positive. There have been over 300K page views for the year that may not be much … Continue reading

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Illustrations, Artwork, Comics and Cartoons

I don’t know what it is about spanking scenarios drawn from the imagination of various artists, but sometimes I find them more satisfying than photographs or movies. The outrageous Hentei of Kami Tora which you can find all over the … Continue reading

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JPC – Jean-Philippe Cors

I never heard of this artist until recently. An interview on the Cherry Red Report and article in Wellred Weekly caught my eye as well as the artwork. I find the subjects in these drawings to be cute and curvy, … Continue reading

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The Little Things

It can be as simple as a crooked finger gesture meaning to come over here. There is a time and a place, the time is now and the place right here. I can not explain how a nicely curved fanny … Continue reading

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Man of Steel

Superman never made any money Saving the world from Solomon Grundy And sometimes I despair the world will never see another man like him My hero The man of steel – Superman, he may have regularly defeated his arch enemies … Continue reading

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Dave Wolfe and his Wolfie Toons

Hey I do realize the absurdity, spanking pictures, drawings and even that new fangled thing video clips are my second favorite thing. Can’t help it and don’t really want to change. I really like Dave Wolfe and his particular sense … Continue reading

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Spanking refers to the act of striking the buttocks of another person to cause temporary pain without producing physical injury. I would like to emphasize that no permanent harm is done by spanking or it is not just spanking. The … Continue reading

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More Cc More

I thought I had seen all of this artists work. I came across this very nice complete story entitled “Three Times a Lady …” Well that is the whole strip. I wish I could take credit but I found this … Continue reading

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