Three Degrees of Spanking

I know that there are many types in between, many labels and different descriptions. I had read this post by Barely Pink here and after consideration of her post, turned in. I was somewhat disturbed and perturbed, and as I was drifting off I thought that she was describing a 3rd degree spanking. The third degree also refers to enhanced interrogation techniques inflicting of pain, physical or mental, to extract confessions or statements, although here the ultimate goal is pleasure. From there I was off, if that was a 3rd degree spanking what would constitute a 1st degree and a 2nd degree. I had it all plotted out in my head but instead of taking notes I rolled over and started snoring. Damn, since that night I have been trying to recapture my rather flighty thoughts. I think the original was much better but this is what you get.

We have So Many questions.

1st degree is spanking only. Starting out fully clothed, I think that the traditional over the knee position best here but a convenient comfy chair or hassock would do nicely as well. Clothing can be lowered then but panties are allowed. Some might consider a thorough panty warming here, gets rid of those annoying wrinkles too. Underwear doesn’t really give much protection; after all rubbing a recently paddled backside through panties leaves little to the imagination. Mostly hand made but a brisk finale with a nice hair brush would not be a bad idea. I have seen requests like this for a good hard spanking that precludes sexual contact of any kind. I am going to assume that sex comes later with a loved one.

2nd degree Spanking has a sexual context but this is still spanking after all. Spanking first, delayed gratification later. “Lie still you are getting a spanking.” “Give me your hands, no touching allowed.” Preferable clothing skirts or shorts, something easily lifted or pulled down to get to the bottom of things. Starting out covered and building to a nice bare behind. “You are wriggling too much”. Slapping from cheek to cheek, pausing every so often to admire my handiwork and test the warmth of the flesh. There should be lots of scolding. “I think that you are enjoying this too much”; “I will have to spank you much harder now.” Then comforting a well spanked girl, still bare bottom snug in my lap, I wonder what next.

3rd degree spanking is Spanking a la mode. I am talking about hot and steamy, sweaty and winding up in a tangled heap of bedclothes. Clothing is not required but nice lingerie or nightie adds to the mood. Sexual gratification is the goal and getting there a marathon. Here it breaks down a little for me. Whose gratification, why mine of course. I am going to spank that beautiful bottom till it glows because I will enjoy myself doing it. If I don’t think that you have had enough you can get up and get your brush and bring it to me so I can spank you some more.

Reverse cowgirl is the perfect position for sex. We can fuck and I can continue to slap and rub your behind throughout. If you want me in your pussy that’s fine, otherwise if that other tight opening in on the menu, I can help by applying a little lube and loosening you up a little. Not too much, you should be able to feel every vein and bump. It would be best if you felt just slightly overstuffed, my path just a little difficult. Not intensely painful the spanking would probably hurt more, just really fulfilling.  This sounds very good to me.

Another way of looking at this type of classification that has already been done. Good girl, naughty girl and really naughty girl!

Actually it all sounds great to me, how about you?


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8 Responses to Three Degrees of Spanking

  1. Barely Pink says:

    (Am having the hardest time leaving comment. I get this on WP sites.)

    Yes. To all!

    I like your — not sure what to call it — rating system? They all have their time and place.

    And I’m happy to have inspired ‘perturbed’ thoughts. Those are the best. 🙂



  2. Dear Pink

    Always a thrill to hear from you. Glad you liked the results.




  3. Bogey says:

    “I think that you are enjoying this too much”; “I will have to spank you much harder now.”
    I am positive that Bacall has heard that a few times over the years.

  4. I had hoped I wasn’t only imagining things.


  5. Yes to all! What a fun post!

  6. Lovely, delicious post.

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