The Sounds of Spanking

I hate to admit to it but I am a big fan of Weird Al. It’s understandable that I am quite fond of really good spanko parody songs. Here is one of the other kinds.

Hello sweetheart, my dear friend
I’ve come to paddle your rear end
Across my knee then you came crawling
So deep, so hard in love was I falling
I lifted your skirt
And I bared your pretty bum
It won’t hurt
Waiting, for the sounds,
Of spanking

I raised my hand and brought it down
I’d made you wait, I’d made you frown
Just grit your teeth, I’ll have you know
Tears from spankings just must sometimes flow
Slapping briskly from side to side
Hitting you baby with all I had
You almost cried
Listening, to the sounds
Of spanking

I did not know, you did not ask
It was so sweet taking you to task
I pushed my face right into your neck
I smelled your scent, boy was I a wreck
It seemed to me
That this could never end
It shouldn’t end
Remembering, the sounds
Of spanking

Nice Picture borrowed from Erica Scott.

It’s a tribute, really, I like the song. Sincere apologies to Simon and Garfunkel.



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5 Responses to The Sounds of Spanking

  1. ronniesoul says:

    Very good. Wont be able to listen to that song without thinking of you:)


  2. Ronnie

    That’s high praise indeed.



  3. Bonnie

    That is very interesting. I never even considered the point of view as I was looking for the rhyme and rhythm but looking at the two song parodies our preferences are pretty apparent. I liked your Sounds of Spanking” a lot.



  4. jlb1700 says:

    I believe there is nothing like the Sound of a Paddle and or a Strap acoss ones Bare Backside . I believe thst sound is awesome

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