Comic Book Spankings – Sunday Comics

It is almost Sunday morning less than 30 minutes to go. I am going to display some adult comics with spanking; unfortunately the comics that I remember the best are no longer acceptable. I am talking about various characters that seemed to be spanked with some regularity. Dot and Richie Rich come to mind but are no longer appropriate. So with some regret I will post some comic book spanking that will satisfy the PC police.

HAP for the uninitiated that stands for Housewives At Play. This is a comic book that appeals to me on many levels. Bored housewives, sex toys, spanking with household implements, sandwiches, maybe these guys are just sick and twisted but I hope not, does this remind you of a television series?

This first set is about a woman that drugs her neighbor as grants her request.

All Tied Up!

A Little Spanking Plus

Later On Other stuffing

Later issues other stuff.

Spanked Again!

Just Black and White adult comic books found on GUBA which was an internet news service I used to subscribe to. Enjoy!


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2 Responses to Comic Book Spankings – Sunday Comics

  1. Barely Pink says:

    Wow. Is this what’s called a “graphic novel”?

    Dirty, dirty. 😉

  2. Hi Pink

    Graphic novel I like that! Yes it is but you are smiling, It may be a guy thing but sometimes its time for something dirty or at least explicit.


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