Spill No More

First of all I must say I am going to miss Amelia Jessica “Amy” Williams (nee Pond). The kiss-o-gram girl in the teeny little skirt, or Amelia, the little girl left waiting and wife to Rory Pond, OK, Rory Williams. This is Dr. Who after all and anything can and usually does happen but this does feel like a long goodbye. I raise my glass to Amy Pond, she is after all immortal anyway.

I am trying to decide which of these drawings to post and the decision is not any easier lately. I have quite a few later collections of photos and drawings but this one is one of the oldest. I would love to get some feedback from visitors if they would like to see the newer collections. This seems kind of lazy but I am going to poll.

I love this spanking thing and want to continue sharing everything that I can about it right here. Please take a moment and let me know what you want. If it’s about spanking I am on it!

Now without further delay or distractions the drawings. A few of the apparently older ones first.

That fellow could have almost been me.

I like this kind of stocks!

Picture from a series, I have a couple of others somewhere 🙂

Reminds me of Ward

So many drawings, so little time. To top things off a couple of my favorite color drawings by Ward.

I am looking forward to seeing some results for the poll…hint..hint.


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