Love Crimes

This movie stars Sean Young and Patrick Bergin, directed by Lizzie Borden no kidding. I am not sure what direction the actors were given for this spanking scene but I think she got off light. This spanking is for trying to stab him with a very large knife.

If you take note Patrick smacks Sean pretty solidly and on the left cheek to boot. After the spanking there is a scene where Patrick gives Sean a bath.

NVE00018NVE00017NVE00016NVE00014NVE00015After gently bathing her with a washcloth he asks her to stand so he can take a picture. She stands up like Venus rising from the ocean. My favorite bit is the subtle coloring remaining on her left cheek. Just a little pink and slightly bruised.


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2 Responses to Love Crimes

  1. Maria White says:

    Here’s a link to the scene:

  2. CS says:

    I have been trying to edit down the whole movie and get just the scenes I want. Since I was completely unable to achieve this I downloaded the scene from youtube. I left all the labels on it and then posted stills of my favorite part of the movie.


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