Spanking Illustrations

Some time ago I posted drawings labeled spill. It was pointed out to me that the abbreviation was for spanking illustrations. Since the files are not orgab..nized in any particular way I have posted the same ones more than once, my personal favorites. To try and post some of the others I have, who knows there may be an unusual drawing that has not been seen for some time. I am starting with the oldest first.

Simple line art, I find that I appreciate these even after all this time. I can not draw myself and am unqualified to evaluate the relative merits of any of these. I can now admit though that I like them a lot and share them with any one that may be interested. If you want a copy of this collection just leave a comment and I will see that you get them.


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2 Responses to Spanking Illustrations

  1. Jane McBrearty says:

    Hi CS,
    I am an admirer of Stephanie Burks’s line drawings. i used to have a wonderful illustration by her of a mother spanking her son (or possibly tomboy daughter) over her knee with a hairbrush. She was seated outside a covered wagon and the child’s brothers and sisters were peeping round the end watching. The way the child being spanked was heaved over the mother’s lap was so realistic and the whole thing was just what must happened to children in those days who misbehaved on the wagon trail with all the attendant dangers. Do you have a copy of this in your collection. I would love to acquire it again. Best wishes, Jane

  2. Bambi says:

    I lke these very much – thank you for posting them x

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