More Odds and Ends

There is this home in a local small town that started out as a single story track like home on a few acres. It’s not an unusual house but after the property was completed and to avoid too many questions the basement was finished. So that the improvement would not be readily apparent from the street no windows were added in the front of the house. In the now habitable basement there is a large family room bedroom, bathroom and an additional room that I would have to classify as a dungeon, the wall are made of cinder block and there are no windows. This is very illegal but the whole idea of a small windowless basement room sure evokes images of a room dedicated to punishment with the added benefit of excellent privacy. I may have been watched Game of Thrones one too many times as well.

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This last picture I just had to add. I don’t think I need to spell it out but it amuses me on many levels.

we270For the younger set this is a picture of Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy. Mr Bergen spanking his woodie, (I just could nor help it) a very popular ventriloquist on radio which is still puzzling to this day. I did enjoy this short obscene conversation with Mae West in 1937 who was banned from NBC until 1950, borrowed from Wikipedia.

Charlie: “Not so loud, Mae, not so loud! All my girlfriends are listening.”
Mae: “Oh, yeah! You’re all wood and a yard long.”
Charlie: “Yeah.”
Mae: “You weren’t so nervous and backward when you came up to see me at my apartment. In fact, you didn’t need any encouragement to kiss me.”
Charlie: “Did I do that?”
Mae: “Why, you certainly did. I got marks to prove it. An’ splinters, too.”
You may be more familiar with his daughter Candice Bergen.



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2 Responses to More Odds and Ends

  1. reneeroseauthor says:

    That’s so funny!!

  2. Hi you

    Its nice to hear from you and I must agree it’s way more funny than obscene.


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