Spanking positions that is, from standing to lying prone on a bed. There are all sorts of standard household items ideal for bending a naughty girl over for her punishment. I have found myself wandering through furniture stores looking at various hassocks and footstools all perfect for a comfortable spanking position. Even sitting has been demonstrated to be quite effective, I remember a video where a girl was made to sit on a wooden stool and scoot back so that her bum hung over the edge, she was spanked soundly her butt nicely presented for a small leather paddle. The same position can be duplicated with an armless chair turned around and straddled, leaving the ass hanging off the edge.
I had a thinner chair in mind but this seems to work.
There are plenty of custom designed benches and footstools, mostly covered in padded leather. These are designed with one purpose in mind; ordinary furniture found around the house put to alternate use was on my mind. An overstuffed armchair or sofa can be a very comfy perch especially bent over the back with the bum the highest part of the body. You can use the arm and even the seat if you like although either leaves the spankee with her face close to the floor instead of the cushion.
Girls boarding school.

 The more obvious place is the bedroom bent over the end of the bed, or lying on it propped up on a pile of pillows. Oddly enough the standard bathtub seems to be an ideal height; you must cushion the hard edge with a folded towel to make it somewhat comfortable. Less comfortable are the various tables and desks to emulate the schoolgirl experience. Most revealing of all is kneeling on a small stool and placing the hands on the floor.
 The best for last my and personal favorite is over the knee. Whether lying out flat or bent over both knees or a single knee and the other leg clamping kicking legs. This is so much more intimate, and you can feel every wiggle and kick.
One of my favorite OTK pictures.
You can pull your victim close and tight against your hip. I do not think that there is any better way to get feedback on how you are doing.

A last example from Ms Hadda.
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