A Dangerous Method

Keira Knightly believes that English people are obsessed with spanking and she is no exception. Keira played Sabina Spielrein who has a relationship with her therapist Carl Jung. I have isolated the pertinent scenes for you. Early on in the movie Jung sees that his patient reacts to the sound of a cane striking her coat, to clean off dirt, and admits that she was excited by the beatings her father administered. Later on he participated in that excitement by spanking and having sex with his patient.

In this video Michael Fassbender as Carl Jung hand spanks Keira Knightly as a prelude to sex. I thought Michael was awesome in Prometheus by the way

Later as thing get hotter Jung spanks his patient, after tying her wrists, with a nice leather belt. Interestingly enough his patient Sabina Spielrein went on to be a prominent psychoanalysts and teacher of psychoanalytic theory but personally I was looking forward to the spankings and as always wanted more.


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4 Responses to A Dangerous Method

  1. Long ago, I spanked a kinky shrink. Can’t say it was all that much fun, but it was an experience.

  2. I can’t help but point out that this very disturbed woman went on to become an eminent psychoanalyst, I suppose it really takes one to diagnose another.


  3. wordsmith says:

    Now I’m sure you aren’t supposed to get personally involved with your patient. There was far tooo much interpersonal talking in this movie and not enough spanking. I am over eighteen and understand that I am obsessed with the idea of spanking Keira Knightly, or indeed how ever often she wants!

  4. jlb1700 says:

    I didntbcare for any of this Sorry

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