Sunday Drawings

The results of my poll are in. Thank you to the participants. It seems like my preferences are mainstream at least when you are talking about spanking drawings and artwork. So you can expect stuff from my collection at least every Sunday more often if I can not write anything interesting in between.

Here are a few from the same artist or with similar styles.

This strip has been very popular and the one panel that I posted has generated the most traffic, here are the two panels before and after.

Someone has also felt strongly enough about this particular cartoon to add color and here is the result


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2 Responses to Sunday Drawings

  1. fausto says:

    very good , drawing year 60 …..

  2. JimBurke says:

    I love all the excellent Art work The various clips show clearly the different positions that can occur when a Spanking is going to occur it also indicates that there are different styles when it comes to a spanking .The color clip was assome too as bought out the color of Hide of person being spanked .That body language was also great

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