Spanking Animations

This week has been unusual, actually got some paying gigs that had to be completed by Wednesday. After filing all the appropriate paperwork I was free look around my computer for inspiration. I came across a couple of poser animations by Invidia. I have always enjoyed reading spanking fiction and looking at cartoons and drawings. It is possible that I was actually avoiding Spankenfreude. This wonderful word speaks volumes to me and I found it on Blossom and Thorn see January 18 post this link

Anyway I was poking around for some other spanking artwork that was animated, some based on other artists work and some completely original. I would like to post a few that I like.

There is another artist called Doctor Cylon that I have to include. You can find more here as well as a lot of other fascinating spanking stuff.

If there are any interested artists I would love to see this brought to life.


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  1. JimBurke says:

    great stuff. Thanks enjoy the Holidays

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