Well I am finally getting back to abby normal and want to complete my account of the most recent Shadow Lane party. An excellent account can be found on Erica Scott’s blog if you want more examples of the activities that occur at one of these events, it was well worth the price of admission.

I put on one of my new suits and recently buffed dress shoes, one other attendee likened it to putting on my prom clothes, took a deep breathe and went to the ballroom. Going up the escalator I noticed this imposing figure of a woman and I swore she was talking about the upcoming event, more about that later.

I located an appropriate seat at an empty table with empty chairs where my friends would never…, sorry about that I fell asleep to Les Miz last night. The seat I selected was directly under one of the spots around the room, I did want to be seen and most of the room was in shadows, I probably should have worn the damn eye patch, my vision was split between a 20/20 eye and one that kind of focuses, but only in bright light.

So I settled in for a nice evening, a couple of other singletons sat down, one of whom I met at the vendor fair, the Gastropod from Alaska. As the room filled I really needed something to wake up so I offered to get drinks for the table, there were only the three of us and got a nice caffeine laden coke. More and more people arrived, fashionably late of course and the clothing was as varied as the guests, everything from high western to evening wear, I even saw a tuxedo.

This was a much more social event compared to the vendor fair, plans were made for later and dinner was setup buffet style. As I worked my way through the buffet line I was surprised by the variety and a woman on the other side of the table also commented. I saw the next dish was a baked tortellini, one of my favorites but the woman demurred, she said that such food gave her gas and that was the last thing she needed at a spanking party, I had to agree. I only noticed one actual spanking at this even but I was sure that all the action would happen after.

All the food made me quite sleepy so I had a couple of cups of coffee. After everyone finished eating the lights in the room were dimmed and the DJ started playing music, I could not miss “Hanky Panky” and other tunes. There was an attempt at line dancing that seemed to resemble my last aerobics class more than dancing. A young lady had apparently requested a special song and went around the room looking for a partner who could dance a two step; I am very familiar with the TJ quickstep but a two step? Most of the night I was trying hard to be Joe cool but may have come off as aloof and distant, or worse stuck up. I wandered around the room a couple of times looking for a familiar face unfortunately both of the young subs I met earlier were not there. I watch a lot of movies and this string of dialog kept running through my head, it is the mental inner voice of a boy zombie trying to impress the live girl he has fallen for.

It is so hard to impress a girl when you just killed her boyfriend and ate his brains!

I asked the bartender for a Red Bull and she offered to make me a Red Bull and Vodka, a popular concoction usually consumed in clubs but since I never clubbed I was unaware. She filled a water glass with ice about halfway up with Vodka and filled it to the top with Red Bull, it did taste fine and after a few sips I was ready for more. While I sat nursing my Vodka Bull that rather imposing woman strode by and said that she had also noticed me on the escalator, she commented that she was happy that I was one of them and kept going, I did not even get the chance to stand up and introduce myself properly, never caught up to her but I assume from her bearing that she was a well known mistress.

Things were starting to break up; I wandered in and out of the ballroom as people dispersed. When I went back to the ballroom I thought I saw this well known author wandering around like me sporting an enormous grin. I don’t know if I was clearly imagining things, I just started reading the gunslinger again and I would have been more surprised to see Roland Deschain striding down Las Vegas Boulevard wearing his father’s guns complete with sandalwood grips.

The suite parties were just warming up by then. I went to my suite and freshened up a bit the down two floors to one of the party suites. The sounds of spanking could be clearly heard in the hallway but the party suites were of the largest available and situated at the end of the hall, I don’t think that much sound penetrated to adjoining rooms. Both bedrooms were occupied and women were stretched out on the beds being spanked rather thoroughly. The furniture in the suite had been rearranged to form a small square and other guests were just relaxing, it seemed to me that most of this group knew each other and old hands to the scene.

Next Punishment Court

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