Sunday Before Halloween!

It seems to me that Halloween is an important annual event and is second only to Christmas in the number of people who celebrate it or at least participate in some small way, like handing out candy to trick-or-treaters or buying that one guilty treat that you can only find this time of year.

With all the different costumes that you could wear for Halloween from history and literature to popular culture the possibilities are endless. I have always looked suspiciously at chaps for example. Definite spanking possibilities there.

Spanking at the Renaissance Faire – why not






I don’t think that I would look that good in a cape and tights but any party that I could wear such an outfit to would probably be worth attending. This year though I am going for something simple wearing a full length white lab coat that I bought at a local medical supply house. That’s Fronkensteen not sure about the wig though.


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1 Response to Sunday Before Halloween!

  1. emma says:

    Really liked that first story, I want to go trick or treating now haha…

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