Lynn Paula Russell

Lynn Paula Russell is a talented eclectic artist. She has been an actress and a dancer, has executed large composite images of various West End plays and musicals, smaller composites of important television plays and scenes for American television, and painted quad posters of Hollywood stars. She has explored the strange world of fetishistic art, illustrating a number of magazines – she has, indeed, been the editor of one magazine for the past nine years – and has produced several illustrated stories for French adult ‘Bandes Desinees’ magazines. This is taken from her site The Erotic Art of Lynn Paula Russell last updated in May of 2009 although I have been a fan for many years. These have been lurking in the corners of my computer and I am always pleased to come across them. There are a few also on the Chicago Spanking Review.

I am amazed at how much expression she can get from a pencil drawing, some of my favorite seem to be drawn directly from my subconscious.

Somehow the rocking horse and the playground swing are memorable settings for spankings. Using a paddle to initiate and intensify the back and forth motion just does something for me.

As a special treat another from the pages of The Chicago Spanking Review Paula applying a hairbrush to a naughty girl including herself in the picture, proving that she can dish it out as well as take it!

I have also started a new drawing to encourage lurkers to add their comments, spammers are not eligible to participate.


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8 Responses to Lynn Paula Russell

  1. Beautiful and delicious drawings!

  2. wordsmith says:

    Happy LOL day Emanuele! I know you didn’t partake, but then, you are cranky 🙂

  3. Renee

    I do love her drawings and I was hoping to get an interview. I may yet hear from her.



  4. WS

    And proud of it!


  5. sixofthebest says:

    Lynn Paula Russel, what a fabulous spanking artist is she. I can truly say, her spanking artistry is one of a kind. The best. Thank you crankyspanker, for displaying her mastery of corporal punishment drawings.

  6. Hi Six

    I have seen your comments on other blogs. Thanks for the kind words, she is one of my favorite spanking artists.


  7. George. says:

    Love your spanking art.Do you
    draw young ladies spanking a mature

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