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So you like to be spanked, scratch that you love to be spanked. This is the most erotic activity and a thorough warming of your bottom makes you so excited that you are ready for almost anything. Without going into … Continue reading

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I really don’t like my gray hair, when I get a haircut I usually get it cut very short. I really should be happy that I still have most of my hair, many of my peers have bald spots or … Continue reading

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Color drawings

I know that it has been a week since I last posted but the Thanksgiving holiday and other distractions have kept me busy. I think that I finally have passed some kind of milestone, I have attracted the attention of … Continue reading

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A Dangerous Method

Keira Knightly believes that English people are obsessed with spanking and she is no exception. Keira played Sabina Spielrein who has a relationship with her therapist Carl Jung. I have isolated the pertinent scenes for you. Early on in the movie Jung sees that … Continue reading

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It’s Very Touching

I think I can say without reservation that I love the idea of spanking women. The whole procedure I find so appealing that I find it tremendously arousing. I can start out with a fully clothed partner who has just … Continue reading

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Lynn Paula Russell

Lynn Paula Russell is a talented eclectic artist. She has been an actress and a dancer, has executed large composite images of various West End plays and musicals, smaller composites of important television plays and scenes for American television, and … Continue reading

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