Unsimulated SEX!

I have been reading for years about the possibility that actors going through the motions on the big screen have been doing more than that. I was watching a special on cable and this actress made a most revealing statement. Hollywood can only promise sexy movies but with the reality of censorship unless a radical shift takes place they really can only tease.

Since I am a movie buff and follow trivia about movies and what supposedly goes on this topic has interested me for some time. That being said I still enjoy the stories that indicate that movie sex has been real. I do think a lot of sex takes place on movie sets, just not a whole lot in front of the cameras.

In a movie The Name of The Rose a 15 year old Christian Slater was scheduled to read with three different actresses for his scene with them. According to IMDB Christian was so smitten with Valentina Vargas that he did not want the others considered. I can’t say that I blame him. The scene in the movie is very well done and a high point of the film.

Talk about difficult working conditions, I can only imagine the problems of having Valentina writhing around on top of you for the required length of time for the filming; it must have been very tough. Christian Slater has said that he had just become sexually active. For years I had heard rumors about Christian and Valentina but it could have been just good PR. I just now found a reference to the commentary by the director. He filmed the scene with as few people present as possible and still had trouble getting the actors attention. It seems that this was really straight method.


Its a really dirty job but someone had to do it!

Many people have stated that the sex in Don’t Look Now was very hot between Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie. Former Variety editor Peter Bart has written about his time onset in his new book, “Infamous Players: A Tale of Movies, the Mob, (and Sex).”  Bart writes in the excerpt obtained by the Hollywood Reporter, “It was clear to me they were no longer simply acting.

Lavinia “You don’t think maybe they were just rubbing up against each other?”

Suzette  “No they were fucking.”         The Banger Sisters


There are a few others that have been mentions over the years. Boxcar Bertha actually claimed a conception took place on the set. The action in Angel Heart did some damage to Lisa Bonet. Someone said that if the actors were actually having sex then they weren’t acting. I think that this is wrong, really having sex is just the thing. You can see a lot of sex in porno but watching two people connect seems so much better. This may seem off topic and it is, but I am going somewhere with it. I just don’t know quite where yet. we will all know when I do.


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