Sundaze Funneez

I don’t remember where I saw it but this is the very first episode of Pamalee from Endart that I found. I was hooked and wanted more! I have some 52 episodes but I am not sure if this is a complete collection or how many were created. As always I am posting here the work of Endart who has retired and has moved on. He also produced many single spanking cartoons.

PamOneIntro19PamOne11PamOne23PamOne35PamOne47PamOne59PamOne611PamOne713PamOne815PamOneEnd17Well I’m happy, are you?

As a bonus while looking to see if Endarts page was still up announcing his retirement, I came across this other blog called Painfully Drawn Out.

00432Please visit this site for other Endart classics.


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