For Sunday comics I was combing through my download directory and thought I would post a few color illustrations. I was trying to find ones that I did not post already and here they are. A couple based on a comic strip.

mdcartoon27mdcartoon28Some other based on anime characters, this first one seems really familiar. If anyone claims I ever watched Sailor Moon I will vehemently deny it.

MNSPNK03MNSPNK05MNSPNK08A few more from various sources.

soho10lrpil013toon1rpil012sassy24soro01After that last one, this one is among my very favorite color spanking drawings showing a professor punishing a naughty coed from National Lampoon. Almost everyone has already seen this but still a favorite


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  1. web-ed says:

    Good drawings. #1 & 2 are Kevin Karstens; #3, 4, & 5 I don’t recognize; #6 is J. Lawrence Lind; #7 & #9 are Brian Tarsis (they also have the mysterious “Red Palm” insignia, which is not Tarsis’ symbol and which no one seems to know much about although it occasionally turns up on old copies of spanking cartoons); #8 & #10 both unknown (but both good); #11 is Roger Benson (with an unknown colorist), and of course #12 is Bernie (or Birney) Lettick’s famous NL cover, appropriate for this time of year and 38 years after it hit the newsstands with the subtitle “Back to School”.

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