JPC – Jean-Philippe Cors

I never heard of this artist until recently. An interview on the Cherry Red Report and article in Wellred Weekly caught my eye as well as the artwork. I find the subjects in these drawings to be cute and curvy, they seem to strike me as classical too. The following site has samples dating from 1997 through 2006, there is also a blog with color drawings. I think that these should have a broad appeal and need to get greater exposure.

If you like these you should visit JPC World. I think that you will enjoy what you find there.


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4 Responses to JPC – Jean-Philippe Cors

  1. wordsmith says:

    Hi Emanuele, I like them, but the link doesn’t work…just my iPad?

  2. Hi Wordsmith

    It works on my PC does ipad support flash? It seems to be a flash site.

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