The Little Things

It can be as simple as a crooked finger gesture meaning to come over here. There is a time and a place, the time is now and the place right here.

I can not explain how a nicely curved fanny peeking out from a pair of Dr. Denton’s could get me so excited.

Having a naked woman dangling over my knee, bare ass higher than any other part or her, her buttocks nicely presented.

If arrangements were made ahead of time little suggestions can help. “You won’t need any underwear tonight”

The very act itself, bend over, lower panties, raise hand, lower hand briskly, repeat until satisfied, seems very simple but why is it so very important to me?

I remember my dissolute youth, we would hang out in my bedroom, and psychedelic drugs were very popular. We would all get very strange together and after everyone else had passed out I still needed something. If you have ever done this you would know that getting off for most people was impossible, but if I thought about my very most favorite activity I could. Orgasm with hallucinations was very colorful, talk about rainbows. Then I could rejoin my compadres and pass out.


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