Year One

It has been a most interesting year; amazingly enough I have been blogging here for one year. It is time to focus on the positive.

Here is a classic from a pajama shoot.

There have been over 300K page views for the year that may not be much for any blog but I don’t care, it feels alright to me. I have been listed in Chross spankings of the week at least once a month, boosting my overall total of course, and fulfilling my need for attention. I submitted a short piece on “The Hairbrush” for WellRed Weekly that can be found here WellRed Weekly, even more exciting than that for me, Erica Scott author of “Late Bloomer” and her blog Life, Love & Spanking and Hermione whose site Hermione’s Heart always has something interesting on it also have articles in the same issue, very good company that.

Nik Zula brought this Star Trek moment to life for me.

There were a lot of new friends made and it has been exciting trading comments and emails with like minded people. The last post from this week was the third page of my old blogger site and it is still popular today.

One other thing Shawnee Smith. I really liked her character from Becker and I have to admit part of the attraction to watch that show was what outfit she might wear that week. Linda is sleeping in the office and its a scene from the three bears. One exam table was too soft, the other too hard and Becker’s office chair just right. “okay here’s the thing” check out what she chooses to sleep in.

Maybe the best outfit of the first season.


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6 Responses to Year One

  1. Hermione says:

    Congratulations on your first blogaversary!


  2. Veronica says:

    Congratulations, I enjoy your blog very much. xoxo

  3. Thanks Hermione

    Always nice to hear from you.



  4. Hi Veronica

    Thank you. I like your site too, after all I am an old fashioned kind of guy.



  5. Congratulations and here is to year number 2 C{_}


  6. wordsmith says:

    Congrats Emanuele, your blog is always interesting!

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