I started to write a completely different post yesterday but for some reason it got away from me. Suddenly it turned into a rant and although I think that there is nothing wrong with venting once in a while no one wants to read it constantly.

But I have been considering the perfect implement recently and although my personal favorite is the old fashioned wooden hairbrush it’s not the only toy I like. Although I have used a single implement for the entire spanking and that can leave a behind reddened and smarting it can be limiting. Don’t get the wrong idea if you want spank someone using only your hand, it is possible to build up significant heat and leave a lasting impression using nothing more. The only drawback is that it probably will take longer but does everything have to happen on a schedule? Seriously why rush, really good stuff takes time.

For serious spanking though an implement is almost a requirement. I do believe that most spanking enthusiasts have managed to collect a few of these things over time. There are times when I only use one implement, and my favorite is not the only one. In any case a single toy and a single position can be extremely satisfactory especially if it’s like this one.

There are times however that a single position or implement just will not do. I am not sure if it’s because I am in the mood, or that I’m felling really tense, it could be a full moon, or that the moon is in the seventh house, or just maybe the lunatics are on the grass. Whatever the reason is it may just be the time to break out the heavy artillery, or many implements.

Maybe not that big but in extreme cases it is time to go through a lot of different positions and all the toys.

If you have collected this many implements all I can say is Hang on tight! It’s going to be a bumpy night!


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