Everything old is new again

I thought I would post an additional selection of drawings from the days of the BBS to newer artists and some stuff I just like.

Do you think this would yield better blog posts?
Artist Invidia from a collar purple

The Collar Purple featured artwork by Invidia and the previous picture was one of my favorites.

Nice Drawing
I am licensed!
Not very explicit but something about this drawing by Kami Tora really tickles me.
Sam Swat need I say more
Just for fun Opus always was my hero


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2 Responses to Everything old is new again

  1. barely.pink says:

    Delightful selection, Emanuele! I love the idea of a “great star” learning grace over a set of knees. If only more stars today had that sort of counsel. 🙂

  2. Too True, I wish I could take credit but the posting is timely.


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