Nu West Comics

Last week I posted the covers of several Nu West Comics. Since Then I have thought that I probably should have posted some pages. Since I was listed in Chross spankings of the week I have reflected and searched for some examples that I could post. I have found a few and somewhere in the haphazard file collection I am sure there are more. For now the samples

The Cloakroom Two spankings one F/m and the other F/f.

Unusual point of view

A visit to Aunt Rita’s a young man is punished several times.

Anne I am unsure of the plot but I think it concerns the civilizing of a native girl. This one may be rare but I was able to find the original black and white page on Chross.

The original black and white drawing.



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2 Responses to Nu West Comics

  1. Loki Darksong says:

    I am not sure about the others, but the plot with Anne was that she had been living with the Indians for years, and then was ‘rescued’. Afterwards she was being trained to forget everything that she had learned while among them. I am not sure how it turned out. But I will let you know when I find out.

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