Featured Artist CC

I was surprised that this artist was a young woman. I suppose my testosterone addled mind could not process that she could share my ideals, one of her themes is avoiding domestic violence.

Nice one page strip.

Her work can be found online Animeothk.com and last year she was interviewed by the Chicago Spanking Review



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4 Responses to Featured Artist CC

  1. wordsmith says:

    Already a fan of Cc, but this is great! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. Barely Pink says:

    Oh, I love it!

    Thanks for posting these, Emanuele.



  3. Shygurl says:

    Hi CS, I read the strip before I read your comments and it made total sense to me that this was created by a young woman. It captures an innocence from the perspective of a spankee who has probably fantasized these themes her entire life. The artwork puts a lot of emphasis on the spankee’s vulnerability that I could really relate to. Read this one over and over again. Thanks for posting.

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