Can’t decide

Is it better to give than it is to receive? Where spanking is concerned I just can’t decide.
On one hand I greatly enjoy applying my hand or desired implement to a nice bottom jutting up over my knee. Sometimes the position is as important as the implement. For example on hands and knees on the bed allows one hand to spank and the other to tickle, rub or soothe. The best spankings are enjoyed by both parties however “Spank me, I’ve been naughty” really resonates in my psyche. I will happily spank a naughty one as much as is required, or perhaps just a bit more if that is what she really wants.
 On the other hand I don’t object too much to submitting myself for a good paddling. I have yet to find anyone that can spank hard enough with her hand to make much of an impression. After a nice shower with the sweat and dirt washed away, I would usually put on a robe and report to the desired location. Removing my robe I would bend over a lap or across the bed and wait.  The first few smacks are always the worst, especially if the skin is still damp, and endure until she is satisfied. It is sometimes difficult to not jump up or grab my stinging ass, but the end result has always been worthwhile.
Maybe just flip a coin?
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1 Response to Can’t decide

  1. For me it's an easy choice. I switched once and, although I enjoyed his reactions, I am a pure bottom when I'm with a man. Now, spanking another woman…while I'd still choose to be on the receiving end, I must admit to liking the delivery of swats!

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