Hey I do realize it is the middle of the week but I felt like posting a few drawings from the talented spanking artist CC, she may have a large portfolio of other artwork but I do not know. Her name also sounds like Italian for yes yes and if you ask me if I want some more artwork from her that would have to be my answer, emphatically!

This series of drawing also tell a story…enjoy

ttal01 ttal02 ttal03 ttal04 ttal05 ttal06 ttal07 ttal08 ttal09 ttal10 ttal11 ttal12 ttal13 ttal14 ttal15 ttal16ttal17

I think I would like to meet CC but since I am such a big fan I would have a hard time expressing myself. This is much easier typing into my keyboard with breaks to wipe the perspiration from my brow.


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2 Responses to FABULOUS CC

  1. fausto says:

    fantastic drawing , when new

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